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سبحان الله Candle, Flameless Candle, Handmade Hollow Candle
  • سبحان الله Candle, Flameless Candle, Handmade Hollow Candle

    Size - 8 x 10 CM


    - IMAGINE how your loved one will be happy with your gift to him from Mai Candles & Gift Shop, we make especially with the name and the wishes that you like to write to him on the candles: handcrafted with distinctive and attractive designs, bright colors and writable on it whatever you want, it is really a wonderful gift and highlights your beautiful feelings. Your favorite design as well as the words you want to write on each side of the candle and leave the rest to us.

    - AN ENDLESS EXPERIENCE of the places where these candles can be placed, whether on the dinner table, living room, office room, bedroom, reception room, children's bedroom or bathroom, and others.

    - BE UNIQUE with your choice of these elegant and brightly colored designs, whether you give them as a gift or put them as a decorative piece in both galleries, they will make an imaginative effect.

    - MAKE YOUR DAY and the day of your loved one: Mai Candles & Gift Shop on occasions or in a place you love to decorate makes the day completely different.

    - ENJOY SAFELY as there is no flame or combustion that emits harmful fumes for health, as these candles are emptied from the inside and placed in a battery light to enjoy safe and attractive lighting.

    - ENDLESS ENJOYMENT as you can change the internal battery when it runs out, which means that it will remain a memory forever and enjoy the charming candlelight for a lifetime.

    - Eliminate melted wax shedding and annoying cleaning.

    Why choose Mai Candles & Gift Shop?
    * specially for you You can choose the right design for you and you can decide what you want to write on each side of the candle Whether it's a name or a short text, The round candle can write on two sides and the square one can write on four sides and all of them are of your choice, You can also order a set.
    You specify the design, the number of pieces, and their sizes 

    Unleash your dreams and wishes and we will implement them 

    * A handmade candle made of paraffin wax is emptied from the inside just like a box, inside there is an LED candle that works with batteries and lights up the whole candle in an attractive way... 

    *Endless enjoyment as you can change the internal battery when it runs out, which means that it will remain a memory forever and enjoy the charming candlelight for a lifetime 

    *unforgettable gift Specially made gifts have an incredible effect and are entirely different from any other gift, especially if they are elegant, delicate, and beautiful like Mai Candles. Thanks to their battery-operated, they remain a memory forever.

     Giving a candle is one of the best ways to express your thanks to family and friends who made your precious moments very special. 

    ** Never Underestimate the Power of Candles **

    Candles are an inexpensive way to zhush up your space quickly and easily! They appeal to the senses on several different levels and can pack a large punch.

    So let’s jump in to some really good reasons why you should incorporate candles to your decorating playbook.

    Reasons to Decorate with Candles

    1. Ambiance and Stress Relief

    The slow and intentional act of lighting candles stands in stark contrast to the sensory overload we experience in our media-filled days. Their mesmerizing light can help you decelerate and relax. And in our current situation, who doesn’t need that?

    A warm bath surrounded by flickering candlelight is one of my favorite rituals to de-stress, breathe deeply, and relax.

    The soft glow from the candles can help to smooth out the rough edges of the day.

    It’s a re-set after all the blue light we encounter from screens.

    2. Friends and family gatherings

    Lighting candles can also be a great way to kick off gatherings.

    There’s something magical about their soft, twinkly illumination.

    The sparkle of the flame has a way of drawing you into the moment and helping you be fully present.

    3. Romance

    It’s hard to find something more quintessentially romantic than a candlelit dinner. Mood lighting at its finest!

    The comforting glow of the flame helps us relax and enjoy the one next to us.  The shimmery sparkle creates light and shadows that add mood and drama to the moment.

    And last but not least, candles have a great sense of style about them. Taper candles in lovely, well-placed hollow candles, and add a special quality to a vignette.

    *** We took the time to get our products out properly and suitably for all tastes, and we work meticulously in manufacturing our products to be in the good face they deserve.***

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